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PX90 Reviews: In Depth Review Of P90X

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Check out our latest PX90 Reviews and get tips for kicking your body into shape! Beachbody PX90 Reviews by fitness lovers.

PX90 Reviews - The P90X review you've been waiting for. See our thoughts on this workout program and decide for yourself!

You know you’ve heard of it, maybe even tried it. Did it work? Probably. Did Tony Horton’s constant yammering make you laugh and, eventually, roll your eyes? They did me. Do you still quote him with your loved ones? I do! He’s funny, he’s annoying, but he gets the job done.

PX90 Reviews:

P90X is an excellent workout combining cardio, lifting, and yoga workouts to give you a comprehensive, overall fitness regime. Just like Body for Life, there are three lifting workouts and three “cardio” workouts per week (one being yoga) with a few others that get thrown into the mix for variety on different weeks. I tried this next because it was becoming impossible to get to the gym before my husband had to be at work and I was desperate. I have to tell you, it’s expensive, not only for the workout, but for the equipment you need to purchase to do complete workouts, but it is worth it.

PX90 Reviews: The Weight Lifting

The lifting workouts are tough and pretty long if you follow the DVD. They do, thankfully, provide a pretty comprehensive guide that lists and explains every exercise so that when you want to zoom through (or can’t take Tony anymore), you can follow the guide and just watch TV or stare into space as you work.

The thing I focus on is perfect form every time! Don’t get me wrong; I love to lift heavy, but form trumps all. A helpful tip that I always follow is to think about the muscle I am working on while I lift. When you think about the target muscle, it helps engage the tissue. You’ll quickly notice if your form is not correct because you won’t “feel” it in the muscle you are targeting. When you lift weights speed isn’t a part of the equation. You can lift fast all day long and “go hard” only to see minimal results.

If you feel like you’re just not getting the results you want, I want you to give this a try. Grab the heaviest weight you can lift safely. Now slowly lift as many times as you can. Now lower the weight by five pounds and repeat. Keep dropping the weight by five pounds until lift just your body part brings on exhaustion (we call it failure). Now tell me that slow and steady doesn’t make a difference!

Always keep your abs tight and your face forward. Try not to look up and when doing squats don’t let your knees go past your toes. Safety is paramount, and the last thing you want to do is injure yourself!

P90X: What You Need

For these workouts, you need a pull-up bar. The one I bought was from Iron Gym and works well (though you will need to repaint your door frame). But, you also need weights. Now, I’ve collected weights over the years and have settled for the Gold’s Gym variety. They’re okay, but difficult to change and can add so much time to your workout, so if you’re going to go this route, buy a couple of these packs. What is recommended by Beachbody is the Bowflex Selectech Dumbbells, which allow you a full range of weight in limited space. I would LOVE to have these to try but will have to save up some Christmas and birthday presents to get these (if you’ve tried them, please let me know what you think).



P90X Equipment Recommendations: 

Update: I finally got the Bowflex Selecttech Dumbells! Check out my post to see what I think of them.

PX90 Reviews: The Cardio Workouts

As for the cardio workouts, they’re challenging, but fun as well. Plyometrics is pretty tough, Kenpo is fun, Yoga is long but good, Cardio X is way too easy but nice for an off day, and Core is super tough and awesome. All of these workouts are alternated through Yoga is meant to be every week. Now, Tony Horton is no less annoying (though entertaining) in the cardio workouts; but it’s worth it to endure not only for the entertainment value of repeating his ridiculous comments to others but also for the fact that they are sound workouts that will get you results.

If you want to see the infomercial for P90X, click here, and you’ll also be able to see more in depth what all this entails.

Now, just as I’ve said before, this program is 90 days, and I recommend only doing it for 90 days and then giving it a good long break. This promotes motivation, entertainment, as well as allows your body to be challenged by new exercises. P90X does supply a good number of workouts so you can mix and match for a diverse workout, but (at least for me) I get used to the workouts and don’t push myself nearly as hard, plus I get bored and need something to spice it up.

PX90 Reviews: The Diet

You already know what we are going to say! Ditch the P90X diet and get your butt on keto! This site is called Keto Size Me for a reason! We love the keto diet, and it pairs well with every great workout program. Obviously, we will still love you if you decide to use the P90X meal plan, but we hope you’ll still come here for our fabulous recipes.

Remember sugar is not your friend. Why kill yourself doing these hard-core workout programs only to sabotage your body with sugar and carbs? When you’re running on ketones, your body is always burning fat. The keto diet paired with P90X creates a fat burning monster that can’t be stopped (unless you give that monster sugar of course). So do your body a favor and feed it the fuel it needs!

Want to try it for yourself? Get P90X here.

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