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Fitness Spotlight: Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes

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 Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes are our lucky Fitness Spotlight this week! Yay for cleanliness. Oh, and this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Keto Size Me Fitness Spotlight - Goodwipes

I’m starting a new feature on the blog called Fitness Spotlight because as much as I love sharing awesome foods, restaurants, and keto recipes, I feel like we need to balance all that delicious goodness with fitness talk!

After all, if you are dedicated to living the keto lifestyle, you must commit to working out daily.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have tons of time on my hands. It’s a daily struggle to ensure I am prepping and cooking keto foods, making time to work out, and getting everything done that a mom of four has to do daily.

Squeezing in a shower between working out and getting the kids out the door each morning? Yeah, that ain’t happening! 

Fitness Spotlight: Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes

Goodwipes Individual Wrapped Wipes

I’m lucky if I can work out at the same time each day, much less plan anything that happens before or after that.

That’s why Goodwipes Cleaning Wipes are a lifesaver for me and everyone who smells me after a workout!

I work out at both a gym on base and my home gym. If I work out outside of the house, I usually end up running errands afterward, which means I’m walking around Walmart or the grocery store with gym hair and that post-workout funk.

While I can’t do much about the hair, I can cure the funk with discreet wipes I can keep in my purse or my gym bag.

Goodwipes are perfect for my lifestyle with their soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E with none of the bad stuff like alcohol or parabens, which totally dry out my skin.

They are also flushable and biodegradable unlike the other wipes on the market.

itness Spotlight Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes

Who Needs Em’? 

Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes are great for men and women, and ladies, they are perfect for more than just post-workout. They are perfect whenever you need to freshen up but can’t grab a shower.

They keep you clean everywhere, so don’t feel you need to limit yourself to the nether regions!

The brand itself is pretty cool. They live by the mantra “Do More, Feel Good, and Live Clean,” and they have been living in a converted school bus for 40 days for their Wipes On Wheels Tour.

You can find Goodwipes nationwide at 638 Walmarts in the feminine hygiene section!

These wipes aren’t just for the gym either; you should take them’ camping. 

Check this out to find a location closest to you.

Goodwipes smell amazing, are baby butt soft, and will leave you feeling clean and fresh after your workout. What are you waiting for? Put a stop to the funk today with Goodwipes!

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