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Keto Kids

Keto Kids Means Eating As A Family

You can easily add additional fruits and veggies to your keto kids diet. Give them any extra carbs they may need via whole foods. Make sure they get beans and potatoes even when you don’t. Then add other starchy fruits and vegetables that keto gurus would tell you to avoid.

The key to healthy, keto kids is making sure they are getting enough calories, macros, and micronutrients each day.

Children on keto can eat healthy diets, and many eat much more healthy menus than their peers.

Keto Kids Are Still Kids

Remember that they are children, and it’s important to allow some fun foods that you may not eat if you’re trying to lose weight. If they are going to a birthday party or you’re celebrating something special, there is no reason they shouldn’t enjoy an ice cream cone or a slice of pizza.

Balance is essential to learn so make sure you teach your children that all foods are healthy when eaten in moderation but that you are living the keto lifestyle to help you jumpstart your weight loss and start down a healthier path for the future.

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My Kids On Keto

My kids did well on keto, and I will probably have them on keto again when we return from Hawaii. For my children, keto helped them focus and decreased food cravings and a constant need for snacks. I do think it’s important to note that my children were not on keto for any medical reasons and it just came down to everyone eating the same meals. My girls would eat candy at school, but my boys were much better about choosing to keep carbs to a minimum. At the end of the day, those choices were theirs to make.

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Keto Family Health Tips

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