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P90X Plus Review

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Read out P90X Plus Review. Get fitness tips and more.

Why, P90X Plus, of course. Pleased to meet you! I started P90X Plus after doing P90X for months.

Tired of the original program, I was ready to throw it out the window. I wouldn’t say I like routine workouts and must mix things up before I go insane.

Thankfully P90X Plus came to the rescue, and I asked for it and received it for my birthday!

P90X Plus Review:

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve used the original program:

There aren’t nearly as many workouts, only five to be exact, and you’re supposed to use them in conjunction with P90X to give you various exercises.

I, however, could not bear the old program any longer, so I just stuck with the Plus and supplemented it with other stuff.

Tony doesn’t talk nearly as much, so the workouts are shorter, but he still says crazy things like…

“It’s not Vietnam, but I made it.” I still don’t know what that means.

From the brand:

Tony amps up the Muscle Confusion with intense new cardio, muscle chiseling, and ab/core-ripping moves to bump up your fitness gains from P90X.

Incorporate these 5 extreme workouts into your rotation and create workout combinations beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. You’ll literally take your workout to the next level.

P90X Plus Review: The Equipment:

You get two lifting workouts that are super tough and are total body rather than just individual muscle groups.

There is also one interval workout, which is, again, super tough.

An excellent ab routine and a Kenpo.

You are meant to work in P90X Yoga regularly, but I usually do something else.

P90X Plus Equipment Recommendations: 

  • P90X Plus DVDs
  • Dumbells
  • Light Weight Resistance Bands
  • Pull-up / Chin-up Bar
  • Push-Up Stands
  • Yoga Mat
  • Heart Rate Monitor

P90X Plus Review: The Workouts:

Total Body Plus Workout:

(45 minutes) – This workout includes using your pull-up bar, push-up stands, and weights.

In my P90X review, I listed the recommended equipment, and some items were optional.

With P90X Plus, you will want to ensure you have it all.

At this point in the program, you need to give it all you’ve got, so go ahead and treat yourself to some new fitness gear; after all, you’ll need it for the next P90X series!

You are getting that. 😉

“By adding new synergistic moves, your muscles get pumped, then recuperate in stages until you’ve got nothing left. An unprecedented total-body phenomenon.”

Upper Plus:

(40 minutes) As a woman, I prefer to focus on my lower half, but this still proves to be an excellent workout for your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and chest.

“This monster upper-body workout will defy the plateau phenomenon by blasting all the muscles from the hips on up chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders in a complete synergistic P90X way. After this one, you won’t be able to pick up a ping pong paddle for a couple of hours.”

Interval X Plus:

(40 minutes): Holy moly! This one is insane and perfect for P90X lovers.

Please don’t take my word for it; you must try it yourself!

“A lot more effective than standard cardio, Interval X Plus propels your heart rate up and down with three speeds: recovery, medium, and full-out, creating the most dramatic change in the shortest period.”

Kenpo Cardio Plus:

 (40 minutes) I found it much more appealing than the standard version.

“This advanced-level Kenpo, with new moves, will shred the most stubborn layer of fat with an all-out self-defense workout that builds stamina, balance, and agility. “

Abs Core Plus:

(20 minutes) Better than ever, and you will get ripped! Always remember, abs start in the kitchen!

You can work them out all day long, but if they are covered in a layer of fat, you will never get to see them!

“This advanced new ab/core workout adds four different positions (hanging, sitting, standing, and plank positions) to intensify your ab work and shred your midsection even faster. Is a ten-pack even possible? You’ll find out.”

Is it worth it? I think so. They are great workouts and relatively short, and you can always add a ton to P90X if you love it.

It worked for me for a few months (until I got Insanity for Christmas), and I’ve even gone back to it a couple of times and still enjoyed the workouts.

Could you get this instead of P90X?

Sure, it is cheaper, but there are significantly fewer exercises.

If you already cross-train, it would be something great to add to your collection, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive program, I would get P90X and then the Plus for supplementation.

Having said all this, I have tried other workouts from Beachbody that I like better than P90X.

It’s an excellent program, and guys seem to dig it more than many others, but if you’re not looking for a heavy lifting/pull-up kind of workout, this may not be for you.

Remember, you’re doing all of this to be a healthier you. You don’t have to look like a supermodel, and it would be best if you reached your goals.

Choose motivational workouts that work for you.

If you don’t like something, you can always send it back. If something works, and you dig it, lend it to a friend or use it as a witnessing tool and have people over to work out with you!

I enjoy working out, but it can’t be all about me; it has to be about and for the Lord and to equip me for what He needs.

The same goes for you! Your strength must come from Him, so think about that as you push yourself through one more repetition.

If you’ve tried P90X Plus, I would love to hear your thoughts about the program.

We are always looking for new programs to try as well, so please drop us a line if there is a workout program that you think we should try.

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