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Keto Size Me Hiatus

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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting much lately. While my life is pretty busy, that never stopped me from sharing recipes and articles with you. I haven’t abandoned you, but I have taken some much needed time off to research. I feel like it is my responsibility to provide you with quality information and recipes. The last thing I want to do is provide you with information or recipes that won’t help you reach your goals.

When my family joined me on keto, it changed everything. I went from having to feed myself (and I can and will eat anything, I don’t care) to having to feed a picky husband and four children under 12. Choosing to live the keto lifestyle as an adult is one thing, but choosing it for my children, well let’s just say I decided it was time to start reading again.

I love everything about the body. The science behind what happens in our bodies fascinates me, and I decided that I needed to take some time to do more research. I want to make sure that every recipe I share here gives you the best shot at both weight loss and recovering from or preventing any metabolic disease you may have.

Here’s the thing… I’m healthy. I’m not overweight. I don’t have diabetes or any other metabolic disease (that I know of). I do have symptoms like fatigue, migraines, muscle pain, chronic sinusitis, and other things most of us just brush off as normal and what I have found is that the way I have been approaching keto has helped me keep weight off, but it has not cleared up many of these issues (which I do believe are related to my nutrition).

I’m the type of person that can skip meals, eat pepperoni and anything else I don’t have to cook every single day. Seriously, I don’t miss the foods I used to eat, but the way I am eating now is not healthy. I don’t have a balanced diet because my only goals were to stay under 20g of carbs and to get my fat. I didn’t care about anything else, but now I do.

I have come to realize that eating like this has not been good for me, and more importantly, it is not a lifestyle my children can or should sustain. We have been missing out on some serious micronutrients, and while I’m not saying this is how you are living, I do believe many hardcore keto’ers like myself need to learn more about food and nutrition so we make sure our bodies aren’t begging us for essential nutrients (like magnesium).

Don’t get scared! I’m not going anywhere, and there is nothing I have written here that I don’t believe to be true, but it’s time to stop trying to turn every food into a keto food and time to start eating the foods our bodies are begging us for.

As I start implementing these changes I will be sharing our experiences and our favorite recipes. For now, the only thing I’ve changed is getting rid of Stevia in the raw and replacing it with liquid Stevia and cutting down on coffee. I can drink about 6 cups a day so I have to do something about my caffeine addiction because it’s not doing me any favors! I will share more about these choices soon.

Until then educate yourself!

I will probably write up a full review of each of these so you know what to expect, but if you love reading go ahead and grab them, they are worth every penny! You can’t start making lasting changes until you truly understand why you need to make the changes in the first place!

UPDATE: I’m back and you can see some of the changes I’ve been making to our diet. We are feeling better than ever and we are STILL IN KETOSIS!

Don’t let the critics fool you! You can stay in ketosis and eat veggies. We eat veggies galore! We even eat carrots! O M G!!! I plan to talk more about this soon, but until then, enjoy these posts:

Sharing is caring!

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