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Keto Diet Week 2: My Keto Diet Journey

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It’s time for my Keto Diet Week 2 results! Are you ready for this?

Keto Diet Week 2 Experience - See what I ate, the low carb side effects, menu plans, and low carb weight loss. This has been an amazing week! Check it out!

Keto Diet Week 2:

When I began my week 2 low-carb experience, I was a little better prepared.

I knew my keto calculations; I had My Fitness Pal ready to go, and I was in the zone.

The weekend before, I had experienced eating out while watching my carb intake and it was a pretty good experience.

I ate steak and veggies from Applebee’s, and I ate at Moe’s Southwest Grill twice.

This was important to me because during week two I took a three-day trip to Washington DC with my son, and I knew I would be eating out every day.

I felt prepared, inspired, and determined.

Keto Diet Week 2: Keto On The Road

Up until this point, I had noticed very few side effects, but I was curious to see what walking around all day (one day totaling 9 miles) would do to my hunger levels.

Surprisingly I was never really that hungry, and I had no cravings.

I could walk into a restaurant serving goodies I would have normally indulged in, and I felt nothing. My water intake also increased during week two.

The only thing I did that went against my diet was used Splenda in my coffee each morning. Ugh! It was gross, but I made it through.

I will admit that I was dead tired by the end of each day, but who wouldn’t be?

I was chasing three 5th-grade boys and walking everywhere.

Choosing foods at the restaurants wasn’t hard, but calculating what I was eating in My Fitness Pal proved to be a bit of a challenge.

I will share my daily menus here, but they may be off a little.

Note: During week 2 I still don’t believe I had entered ketosis. If I did, it was just barely.

There was one day when I noticed the taste of blood in my mouth and had a few side effects listed above, but it hit me a little harder in week 3.

So remember, these are my personal goals, as calculated by me:

Carbs: 20g per day (7%)

Fat: 97g per day (74%)

Protein: 56g per day (19%)

I don’t worry about any other numbers, and I don’t drink any sodas (just water and coffee) or eat any processed foods (other than a few types of meat).

I try to come as close to these numbers as possible, although as you’ll see, it’s not easy. Sometimes I have to make myself eat because I just don’t feel hungry.

Note: Don’t forget when looking at carbs that you need to subtract the fiber to get your net carb count.

Keto Diet Week 2: Menus

My week starts on Monday, so I also weigh in every Monday.

On Monday I started my week at 116.2.



Carbs: 17g  / Fat: 75g   / Protein:  65g 



Carbs: 17g  / Fat: 76g   / Protein:  50g 



Carbs: 18g  / Fat: 70g   / Protein:  92g 



Carbs: 8g  / Fat: 76g   / Protein:  90g 



Carbs: 11g  / Fat: 80g   / Protein:  58g 



Carbs: 8g  / Fat: 52g   / Protein: 33g 



Carbs: 6g  / Fat: 55g   / Protein:  48g 

As you can see, hitting these numbers is very hard for me, but I am getting better at it.

You’ll notice some bigger changes in my Week 3 Low Carb Experience post.

Keto Diet Week 2: Results

So let’s sum this week up with stats!

Starting Weight: 116.2  — Ending Weight: 113  — Weight Lost: 3.2 lbs

Starting Body Fat: 20%  — Ending Body Fat: 18%  — Body Fat Lost: 2%

Measurements: (For time’s sake I will only share losses, anything that stayed the same will be shared when it changes)

Body Part:  Starting /Ending / Loss

Waist: 25.5 / 25 / 1/2 inch

Hips:  34.5 / 33.5 / 1 inch

Arms:  10 / 9.5 / 1/2 inch

Thigh:  20 / 19 / 1 inch

Summary: After 2 weeks of changing my diet I lost 3.2 lbs, 2% body fat, and 3 inches!

Not bad my friends! Not bad at all! This is all without exercise (other than the walking I did).

I plan to add exercise starting in week 5. I wanted to wait one month to see what just the diet alone could do.

My goals will also change once I add exercise in, so watch for that.

* Note: The picture at the top of this post is after week 2. It was taken on Monday starting week 3!

Next week I will be able to show a before and after with the same suit so you can see any differences.

My hope for week 3 is that I will start shedding some of that thigh fat!

You can read my weekly updates to learn more about the changes I’ve made and the results I’ve experienced.

Weekly Experiences:

Start Here: Deciding To Live The Ketogenic Lifestyle  (Starting Weight 121)
Check It Out: Keto Diet Week 1  4.8lbs Lost (mostly water weight) – End Weight 116.2
Finally, Read This: Keto Diet Week 3 2.6lbs Lost (Fat) – End Weight 110.4 & 4 inches down

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Tuesday 10th of May 2016

You are only eating under 1000 calories a day? Isn't that unhealthy? How tall are you?


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

D, When I first started I had a hard time hitting a higher calorie count because I just wasn't hungry, but it eventually worked itself out. I am 5'4.