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Best Diet Drinks On Keto Besides Water

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Today we are sharing a list of the best diet drinks on keto besides water.

collage of keto drink photos from other blogs

From childhood, we all understand that water is the best drink on the planet. The problem is, we don’t like water. Water is bland, and we can’t stand plain water since we live in a world of sugar.

This post is in NO way saying it’s okay to give up your water goals, and you should still aim to drink plenty of water every day. Are you drinking enough water?

Instead, this post aims to focus on drinks that can make drinking water more bearable while remaining in ketosis on the keto diet or keeping your grams of carbs to a minimum on a low-carb diet.

Drink Substitutes for the Keto Diet:

glass of water with lemon

My advice when looking at any keto drink is to pay attention to the nutrition labels (if purchasing) and the recipe nutrition facts (if making your own).

When you first start the keto diet, you don’t have to worry about daily calories because you will lose water weight as long as you cut out carbs.

After two weeks, your calorie intake will matter, so you generally don’t want to drink your calories even if you can. The only exceptions I make for myself are protein shakes and smoothies (with veggies).

Everything else I drink has to be zero calories.

Fruit Juice:

If you were a big juice drinker before starting your diet, you probably miss those sweet drinks like crazy. Juices like orange juice and apple juice are loaded with added sugar; even if they say 100% juice, they are not low-sugar.

Have you ever squeezed an orange or apple juice and seen anything that looks like what you find in the store? No

If you have the carbs allotted, squeeze the juice from one orange into a glass of water and add Stevia. I would also recommend eating the flesh, so you at least get the fiber.

A great way to substitute juice is by using true orange packets. Now instead of OJ, you have Orangeaide, but the goal is to satisfy those cravings, so you feel like you’re not missing out.

glass of keto eggnog with cinnamon and gold candle holders

Dairy Milk:

Cow’s milk contains lactose (milk sugar) and hormones (yuck). Thankfully it is easier than ever to substitute milk. The key is finding a great choice you enjoy more than the rest.

I don’t love unsweetened almond milk, but I do enjoy the taste of coconut-flavored almond milk!

My favorite is straight coconut milk, but it does have higher fat and more calories (which is why it tastes better).

You can also choose soy milk if none of the above meets your fancy.

Are you wondering about lactose-free milk? That’s still a no. Even though the sugar is removed, it still contains carbs.

You can find my keto egg nog and other keto drink recipes here.

Keto-Friendly Energy Drinks:

When it comes to energy drinks, your best bet is to find one with zero carbs.

Many energy drinks have enough sugar in them to cause instant diabetes. Just kidding, but did you know if you drink sugary energy drinks every day, it can keep you out of the military? Don’t ask me how I know (no, it wasn’t me).

The best keto energy drinks are:

Rockstar Pure Zero (I used to drink this)

Bang Energy Drinks (this is what I drink now, but very rarely)

Ghost Energy Drinks (I’d probably try this because I like their protein powder)

Alani Sugar-Free Energy Drinks (my daughters are always begging for this one)

Monster Zero

Red Bull Total Zero

For stevia lovers, try Zevia Energy!

I’ve never tried the last two and probably never would. Even though these drinks are allowed, I don’t recommend dosing caffeine if you don’t have to.

Green Tea or Black Tea:

When it comes to herbal tea, there is nothing to worry about. If you used to love sweet iced tea, you could still drink it; you only need to use a keto-approved sugar substitute!

Hot or cold tea is still on the menu!

cup of bullet proof coffee in a red mug


Black coffee is not an issue on keto, which is one of the reasons bulletproof coffee made such a big splash, to begin with. Coffee is an easy drink to dress up on keto.

You can add coconut oil, butter, protein powder, fat bombs, heavy cream, and sugar-free syrups to coffee, and they don’t taste much different. Sometimes they taste even better than the way you drank coffee before keto.

In my opinion, some of the best keto drinks have a coffee base. I love my coffee!

Bulletproof and failproof, this keto matcha latte is the perfect beverage to break the routine. With only four simple ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make! (Pictured below)

keto matcha latte in a glass


Oh man, these iced coffee sugary drinks are a favorite of mine. I love a Starbucks frap or McCafe frappe, but they don’t love me back.

These are the drinks that lead to weight gain! Why? Sugar and fat are a bad combo, and these drinks are always heavy on both.

Thankfully these recipes can be made in keto-friendly versions with sugar-free syrup, a sugar sub, and sugar-free whipped cream.

You can also make your own, like this Keto Coffee Frappuccino from My Keto Kitchen!

Regular Soda:

New to the keto diet? Then this is for you; STOP drinking regular soft drinks today!

Artificial Sweeteners:

Diet soda has gotten a bad rap for a while, but there is nothing wrong with Diet Coke (especially when you put fresh lime juice in it 😉 or Diet Pepsi )

The good news is that you have nothing to fear from drinking diet soda unless you have a heart condition and have been told to lower your sodium intake.

Are diet drinks healthy? No. I never claimed they were, and they should be used in moderation, but they won’t kill you. Unless your doctor has specifically said, “these diet drinks will kill you,” you should be good to go.

In the past, I have noticed that acesulfame potassium triggers migraines in me, so I try to avoid drinks containing it, but otherwise, I have never had an issue.

My favorite diet drinks are currently Diet A&W Rootbeer and Diet Dr. Pepper.

For a soda with natural sweeteners, try Zevia Soda!

Flavored Water & Sports Water

Flavored water, much like everything else, is based on what is in the water.

Coconut water, for example, contains over 10 carbs in only 8 oz, so you would want to avoid that.

I like making my own sports water with electrolytes because I find even zero-sugar Gatorade too sweet. Also, Gatorade doesn’t quench my thirst. Sports drinks can help you fight or even avoid the keto flu, so I highly recommend these drinks.

Keto dieters can enjoy flavored waters, water enhancers (like Mio or Stur for stevia lovers ), and sugar-free sports drinks.

Protein Shakes:

I find protein shakes are a better option post-workout; they don’t dig into my daily carbs if I choose the right one.

I am a huge fan of Stevia and always look for a protein powder that uses it, like nPower Isolate. I also have powders that use Splenda, which is more common.

Make sure you mix your protein with water or keto-friendly milk.

Seltzer Drinks:

Seltzer drinks like La Croix, Polar, and various other brands are carb-free, zero-calorie drinks.

Club soda is also an option but avoids Tonic Water. Most people don’t drink these seltzer waters by themselves so pay attention to what is being added. I add Stevia to mine (I know, broken record).

Keto Smoothies:

green smoothie in a mason jar

It’s pretty simple to make your own low-carb smoothies. All you have to do is throw in some fruits and veggies, a sweetener, liquid, ice, and any other low-carb add-ins you love and blend!

If you need some ideas, check these out!

Start the day right with a super-sized antioxidant boost. This keto green smoothie is zingy and packed with vitamins and minerals. (Pictured above)

keto berry smoothie in a glass with whipped cream

This low-carb keto mixed berry smoothie is light, refreshing, and perfect for a low-carb breakfast or a mid-day snack.

strawberry smoothie in a glass with a straw

This Strawberry Mint Keto Smoothie Recipe with only 4 ingredients is extra creamy, rich in flavor, nourishing, and super refreshing. Extra versatile Keto Drink that is also Gluten-Free, Low Carb, and Grain-Free, perfect for the Summer Party, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, or just as a quick and easy Keto Breakfast.

pot of bone broth with a ladle


Did you ever imagine you would drink broth? No, neither did I!

I have only had chicken broth because I was sick, but other dieters rave about the value of bone broth (pictured above) and even beef broth.

We know that the diet acts as a diuretic, so if it is safe for you to get full sodium broth, that is what I would recommend.

keto raspberry mojito in a glass

A Word On Alcoholic Beverages:

One of the most searched questions for this diet is can you drink alcohol on the keto diet?

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know how I answer these questions. Of course, you can if you’re willing to sacrifice. Will you sacrifice weight loss, burning calories, or other more natural carbs to drink?

If you’re going to drink, choose to make your own, like this Keto Raspberry Mojito Recipe. (Pictured above). I will share more recipes at the bottom of this post.

So what happens when you drink hard liquor on the keto diet?

First, alcoholic drinks will still stop your metabolism from burning fat as fuel. You won’t get “kicked out of ketosis,” but your body will go from being fueled by ketones to being fueled by alcohol.

Because alcohol is toxic, your body will prioritize getting rid of that first.

Second, you will likely get dehydrated, which is never a good state, so drinking water while drinking alcohol is your best option.

You may even weigh less after a night of drinking, but your body will try to regulate water, eventually leading to bloating.

If you are on a strict keto diet, any alcoholic beverage will be a hard no for you.

mulled whine in a goblet

What About Beer and Wine:

The problem with beer and wine that you don’t have with pure spirits is the additional ingredients.

Light beer like Miller Lite contains water, barley malt, yeast, corn syrup, hops, and hops extract. Based on these ingredients, we can see that a drink like this is not a good option.

Even low-carb beer contains the same ingredients, just in smaller quantities. Again if you are willing to sacrifice, I applaud trying to keep your choices as keto-friendly as possible.

Hard Seltzers with no carbs and sugar will be the best you can do on keto. Check out this post from Seltzer Nation to see Seven Hard Seltzers with 0 Carbs and 0 Sugar.

I do not like wine! There, I said it! I have friends who tout the health benefits of red wine or tell me I have to find the right white wine to understand.

Nope, never going to happen.

Like beer, the wine will be a deviation from keto, but you can always try to keep it as clean as possible.

Since I do not know much about wine, I will leave it to another blogger. Check out the link below for a recipe and helpful information on consuming wine on the keto diet.

Spiced and Warming 1 Minute Only Instant Pot Keto Mulled Wine Recipe enriched with Fresh Cranberries for your Festive season. Fully Low Carb, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free Cold Weather Cocktail to fully warm you up. (Pictured above)

Keto-Friendly Options Nutritional Value:

The best choice for drinking your calories will always be high in nutrients.

I would dare to argue that while smoothies may have the highest carbs compared to all the drinks, we mention they are the healthiest! If you want to see how your body reacts, try testing your blood sugar after having one.

Natural ingredients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins make keto-friendly smoothies my top pick.

Keto-Friendly Drinks You Can Make:

The recipes below are from some pretty awesome blogs, and I hope you will check them out and try them yourself! They keep the sugar content low and aim for the lowers grams of carbohydrates possible.

Remember, weight loss doesn’t mean deprivation; it means making the best choices for your body!

This sugar-free raspberry lemonade is refreshing and perfect for any season!

This Easy Keto Moscow Mule is perfect for entertaining.

A keto-friendly, low carb Sugar-Free Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate will warm you up during cold weather.

This low-sugar pumpkin spice espresso martini has a lot going on and is anything but basic!

This Decadent and Creamy Rich Homemade Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Mix with spiced Cinnamon and only 3 Ingredients is a perfect Winter Warmer for your Keto Breakfast. Our Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate recipe makes a perfect DIY Instant Keto Gift for your loved ones.

Sugar-free Sour Puss Liqueur is one drink I will likely be trying soon. It sounds too interesting to ignore!

This post contains affiliate links, and I thank you for supporting this blog!