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Keto cookies

Keto Coconut Pecan Cookies Baking

Keto Coconut Pecan Cookies

Of all the cookies I baked these were probably my husband’s favorite. I would have preferred them with Stevia because I don’t really care for the “cold” feeling that Erythritol leaves on my tongue. It’s almost a mint sensation without the flavor. To me, Stevia has no after taste and it has always been my …

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Keto Walnut Cookies on serving tray

Keto Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough

I am almost, pretty, fairly certain that this will be the last pumpkin recipe I share this holiday season, but I’m not making any promises! Pumpkin flavored everything season is almost over and then peppermint everything will move in and take over. I can’t believe how quickly that past year has flown by. January started …

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