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Keto Snacks

Here on Keto Size Me, we try to serve up delicious and nutritious Keto Snack Recipes.

All of our recipes are low in carbohydrates. Some of our recipes are moderate fat, and some are high fat. We also strive for moderate protein to help keep your body in great shape. Our methods are designed to help you meet your keto macro needs.

Remember, as long as you keep your net carbs in the 20-100g range; you should always remain in ketosis.

If you are tracking your macros with an online tool, you can easily add our keto snack recipes to the tracker. Simply add the URL to the tracker, and it will calculate everything for you. Just check to make sure the numbers are accurate.
Keto Friendly Snack Ideas:
Our top post in this category is definitely Keto Puppy Chow made with pork rinds, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

Another popular snack is pumpkin seeds and other healthy snacks you would normally choose (like beef jerky).

Many people don’t realize that bell pepper makes a great snack especially when paired with cream cheese (don’t worry, we have a recipe for that).

Just be careful because bite-sized snacks can lead to weight gain if not monitored properly!

It’s also important to remember that the ingredients we use vs. the ones you use may change the nutrition facts.

Finally, our keto recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and we do our best to stay away from genetically modified ingredients.

You will be making these keto snack recipes in your home, so you have to watch your ingredients. We link to quality ingredients, so if you aren’t sure what you should be cooking with, check out our links. You can also email us for more information.

Keto Snack Recipes: