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Best Ketogenic Diet Book: A List For Every Reader

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If you are looking for the best ketogenic diet book, you’ve come to the right place!

Today I am sharing the best books you can read if you want to learn everything there is to know about ketogenic living.

This post contains affiliate links, and we appreciate you supporting our work so we can do what we love.

When I first learned about keto, I have to admit that I learned from unreliable sources.

I learned from people that use the title of “Doctor” when they are not trained as nutritionists but maybe chiropractors.

Look, I’m not saying chiropractors can’t be amazing nutritionists but what I am saying is that if someone tells you that you need to eat fat to burn fat they are full of it (unless you are lean of course).

If you are overweight, your body has plenty of fat to burn off and doesn’t need any help from you (via food).

Your body will use the dietary fat first because it is the easiest to access so if you are consuming excess fat every day, don’t expect to continue losing weight.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book:

The best ketogenic diet books will be written by people who understand how science and nutrition work. Not someone looking to cash in on the latest diet craze.

A high-fat diet is what the “guru’s” push when in reality a higher protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet is really what you’re aiming for.

Protein to spare the muscles and keep you full, fat to keep you healthy and full, and low carb to help your body run on ketones instead of glucose.

That’s not to say you won’t be eating more fat than you normally do or that you would on a low-fat diet but STOP putting butter in your coffee, it’s unnecessary and will prevent you from reaching your goals!

These are some of the best books money can buy so grab the one that you think fits your personality best.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book: For The Science Lover 

The Ketogenic Diet Book – Lyle McDonald

I own three of Lyle’s books, and I love them.

I will say he is a super technical writer so if you’re looking for an easy read, Lyle is not your guy!

This book is the best ketogenic diet book for the science nerd. Love big words? You’ll love Lyle.

Here’s what he has to say about the book:

From the Author

I wrote this book for the reader who wants an objective, technical, unbiased look at all aspects of ketogenic/low-carbohydrate diets. Readers looking for a light read, or another diet book promising an easy, magical approach to weight loss will probably be disappointed with this book and may want to look elsewhere. I decided to write this book for a few reasons. First and foremost, there is a great deal of misinformation being presented about ketogenic diet. Both proponents and critics of such diets tend to make basic mistakes in the underlying physiology. My first goal was to set the record straight in this regards. Second, there are a number of questions which abound regarding such diets. Most of these questions revolve around exercise, or potential health problems. A book was needed to address all of these issues (and more) in an objective way. Ketogenic diets are not magical (as proponents tend to suggest), nor are they an instant health risk (as critics tend to suggest). Like all dietary approaches, ketogenic diets have pros and cons and this book addresses both.

This book is fairly technical and readers who are frightened off by such detail may find the book difficult reading. However, the majority of feedback I have received indicates that even individuals with non-science backgrounds have had little trouble with the technical sections. As well, I did my best to include enough basic physiology information to make the more technical sections easier to understand. The few very technical sections are set apart as ‘Technical Notes’ and are not critical to an understanding of the physiology of the diet.

You can purchase the Ketogenic Diet Book here.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book: For The Everyday Reader  

The Keto Reset Diet:

The Keto Reset Diet - The best ketogenic diet book for the everyday reader.

Not much of a science person? If you prefer an author that writes for the everyday person, then Mark Sisson’s book is for you! 

This book is the best ketogenic diet book for the everyday reader or maybe the person that doesn’t care to read at all.

You can get it in an audio version!

About the book:

Mounting scientific research is confirming that eating a ketogenic diet could represent one of the greatest nutritional breakthroughs of our time—and that it might be the healthiest and most effective weight loss strategy ever. Going “keto” by eating high fat, low-to-moderate protein and low-carb foods enables you to break free from the disastrous effects of carbohydrate dependency by resetting your metabolism and promoting metabolic flexibility—where your body learns to burns fat instead of sugar for energy, even when you go off plan.

Unlike many other ketogenic programs that require challenging restrictions and deprivation or offer misinformation, Mark Sisson, bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and publisher of the #1 paleo blog MarksDailyApple.com, presents a unique two-step, scientifically validated approach for going keto the right way.  He first reveals the real secret to rapid and sustained weight loss, which is in becoming “fat-adapted” before entering full nutritional ketosis. This process allows your body to learn to burn fat more efficiently, resulting in increased and sustained weight loss over the long-term.  It takes as little as 21-days to reprogram your metabolism to burn fat for fuel, by ditching processed grains, sugars, and refined vegetable oils in favor of nutrient-dense, high fat, primal/paleo foods–and you’ll see immediate results. Next, you’ll fine-tune with Intermittent Fasting and then foray into full ketogenic eating for a further weight loss boost and improved health.

With The Keto Reset Diet, you can eat to total satisfaction by enjoying rich, high-satiety foods, and even weather occasional slip-ups. You’ll use keto as a lifelong tool to stay trim, healthy, energetic, and free from the disastrous health conditions caused by the typical American diet. With step-by-step guidance, daily meal plans and a recipe section with over 100 delicious keto-friendly recipes, this is the definitive guide to help the keto-beginner or the experienced health enthusiast understand the what, why, and how to succeed with ketogenic eating.

You can buy The Keto Reset Diet here.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book: For The Bodybuilder 

The Art & Science of Low Carb Living & The Art & Science of Low Carb Performance

The Art & Science of Low Carb Living and Low Carb Performance

These books are the best ketogenic diet book for my workout buddies! Are you planning to compete? Do you love lifting or cardio then you’ll appreciate the information in these books!

About the books: 

Carbohydrate-restricted diets are commonly practiced but seldom taught. As a result, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and nurses may have strong opinions about low carbohydrate dieting, but in many if not most cases, these views are not grounded in science.

>Now, whether you are a curious healthcare professional or just a connoisseur of diet information, two New York Times best-selling authors provide you with the definitive resource for low carbohydrate living.

In this book, you will learn why:

Carbohydrate restriction is the proverbial ‘silver bullet’ for managing insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

Restricting carbohydrate improves blood glucose and lipids while reducing inflammation, all without drugs.

Dietary saturated fat is not a demon when you are low carb adapted.

Dietary sugars and refined starches are not needed to feed your brain or fuel exercise.

Long-term success involves much more than simply cutting out carbs.

Electrolyte and mineral management are key to avoiding side effects and ensuring success.

Trading up from sugars and starches to a cornucopia of nutrient-rich, satisfying, and healthy foods is empowering

Studying hunter-gathers’ diets provides clues to how best formulate a low carbohydrate diet.

A Revolutionary Program to Extend Your Physical and Mental Performance Envelope.

Our recent book ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living’ was written for healthcare professionals, championing the benefits of carbohydrate restriction to manage insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes.

In response, our athlete friends asked: “What about us?”

This companion book is our answer, and it could be titled: ‘The Art and Science of Avoiding the BONK’. 

But actually, it is much much more than that. The keto-adapted athlete benefits from superior fuel flow not only when nearing glycogen depletion, but also during training, recovery, and in response to resistance exercise as well.

“On a well designed ketogenic diet as recommended by Jeff and Steve, I consume up to 4200 Calories per day while maintaining 6-7% body fat. This transformation has increased my power to mass ratio and allows a high level of performance in a range of activities. Equally if not more important is the efficiency with which I operate in every facet of my life. My energy level in the keto-adapted state is constant and nver undulates.” Tony Ricci, MS, CSCS, LDN, CISSN, CNS. High-Performance Coach/Sports Nutritionist

You can purchase The Art & Science of Low Carb Living here and The Art & Science of Low Carb Performance here.

My next recommendation comes from an author I love, Robb Wolf. While I hope you grab this book and devour it, I would also like you to consider taking Robb’s Keto Masterclass. This class is awesome (I purchased it, and I love how in-depth it is). The keto lifestyle should be about living the healthiest life possible, and Robb teaches you about things that other ketovangelists don’t like sleep, stress, and the importance of great food choices for overall nutrition!

So buy the book, and take the course (I’ll share links below).

Best Ketogenic Diet Book: For The Paleo Lover 

Wired To Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine Foods That Work For You

Wired To Eat Robb Wolf

This book is the best ketogenic diet book for the Paleo lover! Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf have both contributed a great deal of knowledge to the subject of Paleo living. If you’re a fan, check out this book!

About the book:

The surprising truth is that we are genetically wired to eat more and move less, the exact opposite of the advice we are often given.  Now there is a more customized weight loss solution that works with your body, a solution based not on an arbitrary restriction of foods but on what works for YOU. Developed by former research biochemist, health expert, and bestselling author Robb Wolf, Wired to Eat offers an eating program, based on groundbreaking research, that will rewire your appetite for weight loss and help you finally determine the optimal foods for your diet and metabolism.

With his bestselling book, The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight by eating a low-carb Paleo diet, but Paleo is only a starting point, not a destination.  Now, he’ll share a more customized way of eating that may be the key to permanent weight loss and better health. You’ll start with Wolf’s 30-Day Reset to help you restore your body’s blood sugar levels, repair your appetite, and reverse insulin resistance. There are more than 70 delicious recipes, detailed meal plans, and shopping lists to aid you on your journey. Wolf also includes meal plans for people who suffer from autoimmune diseases, as well as advice on eating a ketogenic diet. Once you’ve completed this phase of the plan, the unique 7-Day Carb Test will help you determine what amounts and types of carbs you can tolerate.

No more guessing. Now you can find out for yourself which foods you can and cannot eat, instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all diet. Transform your diet by discovering your personalized weight loss blueprint with Wired to Eat.

You can buy Wired To Eathere and purchase the Keto Masterclass here.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book Honorable Mention:

keto. by Craig &Maria Emmerich

I haven’t read this book, but I used to subscribe to Maria’s site, so I think it’s worth a read. One thing I will say about this and every other book that makes disease claims is this: Everyone has different genetics and the nutrients we consume in both keto, and other diets can affect our gene expression. In the area of nutrigenomics, it’s hard to say for certain that any specific diet can help you beat cancer, obesity, or heart disease because every person responds differently to any given diet. So take these claims with a grain of salt and know that the best thing you can do for yourself and your genes is to eat as much nutrient dense food as you can (within your daily calories of course).

keto book

About the book:

Are you eating enough fat? Yes, fat. Despite what generations of health science has beaten into us over the last fifty years or so, humans thrive on high-fat, low-carb diets. Millions of people around the world have discovered that a ketogenic lifestyle is the key to weight loss, disease prevention and intervention, and a more vibrant life, along with a slimmer waistline, elimination of cravings, and endless energy. Gone are the days when counting calories—or points!—was seen as the path to better health.

Craig and Maria Emmerich have teamed up to write a book that digs deep into the science of ketogenic dieting, explaining how it can cure or control dozens of diseases and how it is fueling a new breed of athlete. All this is done in an easy-to-understand way that makes the complicated science much more approachable.

You can purchase keto. Here.

This post contains affiliate links, and we appreciate you supporting our work so we can do what we love!

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